| Louis Paillard (*1960) | Anne-Françoise Jumeau (*1962) | Emmanuelle Marin-Trottin (*1967) | David Trottin (*1965)



Périphériques is a non-profit association founded in 1996 by three architectural agencies. Since 1998 it has been run by David Trottin and Emmanuelle Marin-Trottin, Louis Paillard and Anne-Françoise Jumeau.

Our aim is to promote architecture beyond the normal customs of this profession. Like those Nouvelle Vague film-makers, we are at once authors and go-betweens ; we would describe our status as that of architectural producer. It is in this spirit that we recently put on the exhibition "36 Models for a house", where we show the projects for homes commissioned from us by 36 European architectural agencies. In tandem with this exhibition, which is being held in France and Europe, our architectural agencies, forming associations of two or three under the label PéRIPHéRIQUES, enter various competitions. We question the making of the architectural project involving several people. The Café-Musiques at Savigny-le-Temple, recently delivered, and the Mâcon Library for which we are currently drawing up studies, are the first two concrete examples of this research. These projects are part of the central issue of contemporary creation where "digital cultures" are coming up with new ideas of author, work, context and meaning. Sampling, remixing, cutting, pasting, all are relevant ways of positing new bases for creative work. The architectural productions of PéRIPHéRIQUES, in parallel with our personal projects, submit architecture to this approach. Today, we are extending our research and our projects on to an international scale by taking part in the competition for the Musée des Arts Premiers on the Quai Branly in Paris (325,000 sq.ft). where we are inviting the MVRDV agency in Rotterdam to take part in this project with us. At the same time, in October 1999, we launched the first issue of our architectural magazine "IN-EX 01", a virtual architectural gallery. IN-EX is an annual magazine published jointly with Birkhäuser Verlag. In it, through our video eye (we take all the shots), we discuss meetings with artists, architects and places. IN-EX is thus a non-exhaustive summary of the subjective viewpoints of things that concern us. All its productions were shown at the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art from 6-27 October 1999 as part of the ZAC 1999 exhibition. For May 2000, we have prepared a book titled Beaucoup Minnesota, which presents all the programmes and projects of PERIPHERIQUES, as well as IN-EX 02, as of today (publication planned for January 2001... stay tuned!




Extension de l'école d'Architecture et du Paysage de Bordeaux
Concours sur invitation, 1998
Paillard & Jumeau + Trottin & Marin-Trottin




What is involved this time for Périphériques is the completion of the different extensions scattered around a complex of buildings put up in the 1970s by René Ferret, and to do so without upsetting the distinctive character of the School, which resides in the splitting up of the teaching areas, linked together by covered outdoor passages. A common definition of the functional organization of the project, just like the distribution of the programme, this time tossed for, heads or tails, between the two teams of architects, have generated a combination whose result can be visualized in favour of a mo-delling in synthetic images. They then define two alphabets to describe the sides of each space. The new building last of all organizes a series of open sets exactly the same width as that of the neighbouring building on which the project is supported. This playful protocol enables them to arrange the functions requested by favouring the quality of uses and relationships as much as possible, without having to worry about composition.


Savigny-le-Temple, réalisé en 1999
Paillard & Jumeau, Trottin & Marin-Trottin, et Jakob & Macfarlane


For Périphériques, one of the interesting things about the Café-Musiques programme had to do with the possibility of being divided up into several units, which, once assembled, would form a whole : the billboard, the performance room and the restaurant. This assemblage of such different functions referred them to the idea of urban assemblage and street. The project was thus devised as a truth-and-consequences-like thing by three teams of architects : three buildings in one, on the borderline between town and fields, responding in different ways to the ordinariness of the railway station, a carpark, and an amusement park on one side, contrasting with the pond, woods and fields on the other side. On the town side, the building is a coloured box which takes on its meaning by the definition of its outermost structure 5 : the light here expressed the architecture. On the pond side, where people can look and hide, a camouflage of galvanized metal incorporates the building in its setting. This is a work which questions architecture as an individual work, while at the same time challenging the predetermination of the aesthetic.



Musée des Arts Premiers
Quai Branly, Paris, concours sur invitation, 1999
Trottin & Marin-Trottin, Paillard + Jumeau & Moussafir ; associés à MVRDV



For this museum, the architectural matter provided by the architects is the reading of the diversity and immensity of the programmes involved : 70 sets are brought together in 12 37-metres towers : they form a compact unit of 120 x 70 metres. In each of these towers programmes of differing heights are installed, which, as required, are developed horizontally. Périphériques here proposes a catalogue of spaces based on a module of some 500 sq.m. Each one of them has its own quality : some are monumental and fixed, others are changeable. By literally tiering the different factors in the programme, one on top of the other, the museum becomes a crystallization of differences, a simple overlay of art and products which transforms it into a world of civilizations. In this world, the freed spaces between towers, like actual narrow, deep faults, innervate, organize and divide up the mass of the museum.


Louis Paillard (1960)

1999 / 1998 – Enseignant à l'Ecole d'Architecture de Bretagne
1999 / 1997 – Enseignant à l'Ecole Professionnelle Supérieure d'Arts et d'Architecture de la Ville de Paris
1988 – Diplôme DPLG de l'Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette
1980 – Diplôme de l'Ecole Boulle, Paris

Anne-Françoise Jumeau (1962)

1996 – CESP de l'Ecole du Paysage de Versailles
1987 – Diplôme DPLG de l'Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Villemin

Emmanuelle Marin-Trottin (1967)

1991 – Diplôme DPLG de l'Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-la-Seine

David Trottin (1965)

2000 / 1996 – Enseignant : Ecoles d'Architecture de Paris-Tolbiac et Paris-Charenton
1990 – Diplôme DPLG de l'Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Villemin
2000 / 1998 – Périphériques est animé par E. Marin-Trottin, D. Trottin, L. Paillard et A.F. Jumeau
1995 – Création de l'Association Périphériques Marin-Trottin+Trottin, Paillard+Jumeau et Jakob & MacFarlane
1992 – Création de l'Agence Marin-Trottin
1990 – Création de l'Agence Paillard & Jumeau


Principaux projets et réalisations

2000 / 1999 – "Quartier de la Pirrotterie" Rézé, quartier et lotissement pavillonnaire (en cours) ; "Musée de l'Art Concret" Mouans Sartoux (lauréat) ; "Musée des Arts Premiers" (concours, associés à MVRDV, Rotterdam) ; "Café-Musique "Le Charbon" Paris (en cours P&J) ; "Europan" logements sociaux (concours P&J)
1999 – "Café-Musiques" Savigny-le-Temple (réalisé) ; "Bibliothèque de Mâcon" (en cours) ; Lancement de la Revue "IN-EX" éditions IN-EX projects / Birkhaüser verlag, Paris / Bâle ; "Maison MR" (réalisée T-M&T)
1998 – "Ecole d'Architecture et du Paysage de Bordeaux" (concours) ; "Centre National de Danse" Pantin (concours) ; "Zac de Pierre-Louve" L'Isle d'Abeau (concours)
1997 – "A la recherche de la Maison modèle" - 4ème événement Périphériques - réflexion ouverte auprès de 36 architectes et paysagistes européens pour une alternative à la production de la maison individuelle de masse en série, avec la Direction de l'Architecture / AFAA / Arc en Rêve Centre d'Architecture (voir exposition)
1996 – "La Nuit de la Jeune Architecture" VIème Biennale d'Architecture de Venise


Expositions récentes

2000 – Pavillon de l'Arsenal (en cours) ; "Les 100 ans du Métro" (en cours – P&J)
2000 / 1998 – "36 modèles pour une maison" itinérance européenne de l'exposition (créée à Bordeaux en 1997 - Arc en Rêve Centre d'Architecture) consécutive à la réflexion ouverte auprès de 36 architectes et paysagistes européens (4ème événement Périphériques)


Principales Publications de Périphériques

2000 – "Beaucoup Minnesota" éditions IN-EX projects / Birkhaüser verlag, Paris / Bâle ; "IN-EX 02" éditions IN-EX projects / Birkhaüser verlag (à paraître)
1999 – "IN-EX 01" éditions IN-EX projects / Birkhaüser verlag, Paris / Bâle
1998 – "Périphériques - travaux récents" éditions Périphériques, Paris
1997 – "36 modèles pour une maison" éditions Périphériques, Paris
1996 – "3 Maisons 1/2 en Banlieue" ; "Concours perdus, 14 projets d'architecture et de paysage" catalogue de l'exposition à la Galerie Philippe Uzzan, Paris, éditions Périphériques, Paris


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