3rd Orléans international architectural conference

ArchiLab has been introduced, and is produced by, the City of Orléans, in partnership with the Centre regional Council, and the backing of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Heritage and Architecture Office, Centre Regional Current Affairs Office), in collaboration with the FRAC Centre (Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain).



90 housing projects
90 architects




from 12 May to 30 June 2001

>>Round Tables:
9, 10 and 11 May 2001
Opening: Friday 11 May 2001
from 6:30 p.m.



•In 1999, ArchiLab brought together a wide range of international architects, all keen to shed an aesthetic conception of architecture, the better to assert their relationship to time, their presence in this reality, and their ability to "turn words into action".
In 2000, ArchiLab / UrbaLab focused on the urban, perceived as a worldwide continuity, underpinned by the laws of globalization.
In 2001, ArchiLab will concentrate more specifically on the area of individual and collective housing.
Housing represents a strategic field of application in the formulation of positions embracing problems connected with the effects of globalization.
How to encompass the clash between the cultural understanding of housing and the phenomena of standardization bound up with a globalized economy? Between pragmatism and utopia, between desire and reality, between individualism and community, between use and form, logical systems square up to each other, embracing an ever-present issue, whatever the set of problems adopted: the issue of being rooted or anchored within a territory, as compared with the phenomena of migration and nomadism.
Building on ashes (Detroit--Kyong Park), to set up the foundations of a new urbanness, or conceiving housing based on the idea of a fragmentation of spaces, and on the huge variety of real and virtual territories. Being part of a territorial continuity that has nothing to do with nostalgia, or making mutant houses, a continuity that can hook up, turning into a "chamaeleon" and blend into any kind of setting, or unhook--"as and when it feels like it".
Archilab 2001 will try to lost the experiments, experiences, and activities of 90 architects, illustrate the current challenges and stances they are putting forward, as well as their ability to transcribe the world as it is, and anticipate what is to come, free dogma, and without explaining their forecasts.

Marie-Ange Brayer, Béatrice Simonot

Kyong Park
Orléans, France, Installation 2001
Mounting of the Detroit house



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