Knowbotic Research



Christian Huebler (1962), Alexander Tuchacek (1962), Yvonne Wilhelm (1962)

The Knowbotic Research Group (KR+cf), formed in 1991, is a collective group of Austrian/German artists, based in Zürich, Switzerland. They are all graduated of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Knowbotic Research (KR+cf) derives its name from the “knowbot”, a concertina term combining knowledge and robot. By way of a theoretical approach and an artistic praxis focusing on new technologies, Knowbotic Research (KR+cf) constructs and develops flexible platforms of networked information, social interfaces and urban interventions. In 1995, in partnership with the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Knowbotic Research (KR+cf) set up “Mem_brane”, a laboratory working on multimedia strategies. Their research has been discussed in various publications, conferences and exhibitions, all at international level, in particular at the Seoul Biennal, the 48thVenice Biennal, the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains. Their projects have won many prizes, including the Golden Nica at the International Ars Electronica Prize competition (in 1994 and 1998), the international Media-Art prize, ZKM Karlsruhe (1997 and 2000). Their latest projects present a multimedia art praxis striving to find viable forms for use in the public domain. Since 1998, Knowbotic Research (KR+cf) has been teaching at the New Media Department of the University of Art and Design in Zürich (HGKZ).