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Educational activities and guided tours

- ArchiLab is also a source of information about research architecture aimed as much at a professional audience (architects, students, etc.) as at a broader public with some awareness of the issues facing architecture in general.

In 2001, ArchiLab played host to 6,000 students, including 2,500 Centre Region schoolchildren. In 2002, FRAC Centre educational department and the ArchiLab team will be offering a programme of educational visits and activities tailored to different kinds of audiences.

Guided tours coordinated by qualified speakers (architectural students and professional people) will be organized for groups. For individual visitors there will be guided tours daily at 4 pm.


- A cafeteria and a "Le Moniteur" bookshop will be available to the public during exhibition opening hours.



ArchiLab : one catalogue

A publication of some 300 pages, in French and English, will accompany this exhibition. It will include the writings of a dozen international critics. In it, each architect will have a six pages spread, made up of a general text, and a presentation of the projects on view in the form of writings and pictures.

A bilingual programme-diary
This diary, which will be available for the public, will give all the relevant information about the events at the conference.

An exhibition guide (free)

The Beaux Arts Magazine supplement
An edition of 80 000 copies
Incorporated in the June Issue.

A website :


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