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  -ArchiLab has been introduced, and is produced, by the City of Orléans, in partnership with the Centre Regional Council, and backing of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Heritage and Architecture Office, Centre Regional Current Affairs Office), in collaboration with the FRAC Centre (Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain).  

- Since 1999, Archilab has been putting on extremely innovative architectural research programmes, exploring the range of approaches and projects of international architects invited to present their work.
Faithful to this commitment to "young" architecture, Archilab 2002 focuses its attention on a set of issues which concern each and every citizen : "Earth Economics". The 30 architects invited this year, from wherever they may hail, each put forward particular approaches and methods in which the materials chosen, the design of buildings, and the relationship to the site all represent so many varied responses, tailored to their context.
The exhibition and the round tables will offer a chance to discuss these experimental propositions and compare experiences.
I am delighted that these Architectural Conferences have helped to turn Orléans into an unparalleled forum for debate and exchange around the challenges of architecture today. Organized by the City of Orléans, this event has the stalwart backing of the Centre Regional Contemporary Art Fund [FRAC Centre], whose activities and sphere of influence where architecture is concerned are outstanding.
This year, more so than with the three previous Archilabs, you will note that several cultural establishments and institutional partners in our city are associated with this event : the Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Visual Arts, and the Media Library, not forgetting the Loiret CAUE, the Order of Centre Region Architects, the Departmental Department of Architecture, and the Cent Soleils Association. All this support points to the fact that this event has a firm footing in the cultural life of Orléans.
Archilab is also the outcome of the involvement of the Centre Region and the Ministry of Culture and Communications. We extend our gratitude to all these partners, as well as to all those who have been instrumental in the preparation of Archilab 2002, making it an arena for dialogue and discovery.

Serge Grouard
Mayor of Orleans

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